License for Use of Sogou Lab Data

The text below is the general public license document (“License”) regarding the massive Internet information and users’ behavior information collected and compiled by the R&D Center of SOHU("Center"). By downloading or using Sogou Lab Data and materials, a user is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this License. Any violation of the terms hereof will be deemed an infringement of Sogou’s intellectual property rights. An individual or entity that accepted this License and obtained Sogou Lab Data is hereinafter referred to as a “Beneficiary”. A Beneficiary is permitted to duplicate and release the copy of the original License but shall not make any modification thereto.


Sogou is the first third-generation interactive Chinese search engine in the world developed and launched by SOHU on 3 August 2004 with completely self-owned technology. Sogou is a professional search website with an independent domain name—"Sogou" ( Ever since Sogou's provision of search engine service, SOHU and the Center have been dedicated to studying and analyzing Chinese Internet information and behavior of Internet users. As a result, enormous Internet information in various forms is accumulated and is ever increasing, which is collectively referred to as " Sogou Lab Data".

Following SOHU's idea of caring for social welfare and serving and giving back to the society, we would like to provide relevant information products to scientific research personnel in general so as to promote the level of Chinese Internet information research and study and to further the continuing development of China's informationization and simultaneous development of Chinese information processing technology.

Sogou Lab Data is collected automatically by various computer programs, and is only intended to be used by scientific research personnel in studying Chinese Internet information and users' behavior. The copyrights in any specific information of Sogou Lab Data (such as webpage) shall vest in its respective author and publisher. SOHU is not liable for the legality, accuracy, reliability and completeness of the content of such information, nor shall it be liable for any legal liability arising from any dispute in connection with the information contained in such webpage. SOHU pays special attention not to disclose the specific users' information in any form in any type of data released by it. In addition, SOHU objects to any study or research on any specific user using any Sogou Lab Data.

二. Rights of Beneficiary

1. To use Sogou Lab Data free of charge.

2. To propose to SOHU any suggestion regarding the improvement of any means or method of data collection.

3. To carry out research or study on Sogou Lab Data to form achievement with its own intellectual property rights.

4. To cooperate with SOHU based on the research result of data products released to launch new products.

三. Obligations of Beneficiary

1. To respect the privacy of the individuals who is the original source of such information. SOHU only encourages the Beneficiary to use Sogou Lab Data for the statistic feature and behavior analysis and research relating to Chinese Internet information, the target of which might be a special group of people but shall not be any specific individual or result in attention to any specific individual.

2. In the process of in-depth study using Sogou Lab Data to obtain achievement, the Beneficiary shall specify the provider of such data (i.e. Center).

3. It is prohibited to provide Sogou Lab Data to any third party. Any third party may visit the homepage of Sogou Lab directly to download or apply for copies of such data in any media (hard disk or compact disc).

4. The users of the data is obliged to initiatively notify Sogou Lab of any achievement (program, paper, etc.) obtained by using such data. If Sogou Lab finds out any such achievement by itself, it is entitled to list the name of such achievement into the achievement list of such data. Sogou Lab is not entitled to share such achievement.

5. If the Beneficiary directly uses the universal set or subset of Sogou Lab Data for any commercial purpose, it is required to pay SOHU according to the commercial cooperative mode (specific payment pattern is to be otherwise agreed ). With respect to this License, the term "commercial purpose" means the Beneficiary combines the universal set or subset of Sogou Lab Data with or incorporate the universal set or subset of Sogou Lab Data into its products or services to be distributed externally for profit.

6. If there is any change in the License, the most updated online version thereof shall prevail.

By R&D Center of SOHU
September, 2008